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January 06, 2003

Interview with Alex Kampl of Lik-Sang

We sat down with Alex Kampl, former Director of, to answer a few questions about the recent lawsuit against his company, jointly-filed by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

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March 13, 2002

Mordenkainen's Fantastic Interview

Gary Gygax - if you're a game geek, you know the name. Even if you're not a game geek, you've probably heard of Dungeons & Dragons - you know, the game with the funny-shaped dice, literally thousands of pages of rules, the reason you hear friends saying things like, "save versus death magic" and "did you hit that bone devil last round?" Gygax created the game in the early 1970s, ushering in a completely new kind of entertainment - the role-playing game (RPG).

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August 05, 2001

Through the Fourth Wall, an Interview with Greg Dean

What happens when you put a pen in the hand of a geek? Well, usually nothing... cause geeks don't know how to write anymore, they type. Why would they use such primitive utensils? With mouse in hand and backed by some high dollar Adobe products, Greg Dean, writer, producer, artist and webmaster of the popular web comic Real Life pumps out his weekday strip that caters to the gamer in all of us. We caught up with him sometime between the release of Tribes 2 and the Anarchy Online beta for this exclusive interview. Enjoy!

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