September 21, 2004

kcgeek Endorses Cthulhu for President
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kcgeek is pleased to announce the endorsement of Cthulhu for President of the United States of America. Cthulhu has a proven nonpartisan record and a long history of driving people insane then eating them irregardless of race, sex, nationality or ethnic background. Why settle for the lesser evil?

To learn more about Cthulhu's positions, check it out!


September 13, 2004

Firearm Wielding Lunatics Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You
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Today, the 1994 Crime Control Act that bans 'assault weapons' is set to expire. This is good news for nearly everyone...well except for police departments across the country (obviously they want to be the only ones with cool guns).

I say this is good news because now the right-wing, pro-life extremist can put far more rounds down range without having to slow down to change magazines...just think of all the doctors that'll take care of. Large capacity magazines, folding stocks and flash supressors don't descriminate based on race, ethnicity or political creed either, which means even the standard, freeking crazy guy reaps the reward as well.

So, expect Firearm Wielding Lunatics Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You*.

*Offer not valid in California, Massachusetts, New York and Hawaii.


August 26, 2004

Cool gmail Trick of the Day
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July 05, 2004

Bathrooms and Internet in Iowa
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While driving back from my parents house for the 4th of July festivities, I got a pleasant surprise. I was cruising down I-35 hopped up on nicotine and caffeine when I caught a sign for a rest stop just outside Osceola, IA.

Ive seen this sign a thousand times over the years but there was something different about it this time. Along with the standard weather info and toiletries there was a new addition, wireless internet! It appears that Iowa has added free internet connections at 3 of their rest stops.

This is part of a 6 months trial service with plans to expand to all the rest stops in the state if all goes well. I was not able to try out the service on this trip because they didnt mention it till the exit sign for the stop, but I will be sure to stop on my next trip through the state.

You can read the official press release here


June 27, 2004

Farenheit 9/11
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Michael Moore. Love him or hate him, the guy definitely makes two things: movies, and money. In case you hadn't already guessed, this movie is going to make Michael Moore a lot of money.

It will also, as any logical person has probably already determined, piss people off. It will piss the right off at the left, the left off at the right, and the right and left off at themselves. But what I think Michael Moore is trying to accomplish is pissing off the middle, motivating otherwise apathetic nonvoters to get to the polls and vote. In that regard, I am convinced he will succeed...whether he will succeed enough to get Bush out, well, we'll find out soon enough (though it's admittedly not looking too good for Bush anyway). But enough of my guessing at his motives. I have one word for Farenheit 9/11: Fan-fucking-tastic. But let me qualify that.

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June 05, 2004

Cars are Fun!
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So I was looking at the local headlines today:

Vehicle Hits Man on I-70 in Downtown
SUV Hits, Kills Man, Flees Scene
Man Crashes Into Store With Car, Flees Scene
Driver Crashes Suburban in Overland Park
Truck Hits Abandoned Car in Middle of Road
Rescue Crews Find Empty Crashed Car

Coincidentally, I was just driving westbound on I-70 myself, and right there at what I believe is the Jackson curve -- where there used to be an onramp from Jackson Ave onto the highway -- an extraction was in progress for an SUV which had managed to flip over the embankment into a ditch and land upside down. I'm sure that will be a headline within a few minutes...I passed a KMBC van speeding back toward the scene as we headed into downtown.

My only question is: why do people still think they're safe on the road? And when are we going to wake up and say, "you know, this is a) phenomenally dangerous, b) ungodly expensive (factor in all the wars for oil, insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc and the prices of the vehicles themselves are almost ignorable), and c) disgusting (see: pollution)"? I totally respect "cars as hobby" -- if I were a richer man, I would be all up in that shit. But not "cars as THE ONLY POSSIBLE transportation". That's just stupid, and it kills thousands of people every year.


June 01, 2004

Cooking Rules, You Idiots
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Noticed a story about Alton Brown up on Wired today. I'm a fan of Alton Brown, although I don't go out of my way to watch his show. If it's on and I notice, I watch...even if I've already seen the episode, which is about as far as I take I take my fanaticism.

Anyway, there's nothing as satisfying as sitting down to a meal in a restaurant and being able to figure out how the dish you're enjoying was prepared so you can duplicate (or at least simulate) it at home. Understanding even just the basics of cooking will be enough to impress your friends, who probably eat mostly processed nastiness from boxes and fast food joints. I don't think my wife's "cooking" friend, who, upon witnessing me chopping onions and tomatoes commented, "oh I don't do any of that fancy chef shit, I just make Hamburger Helper," is that far removed from your Average American. A country where chopping onions and tomatoes for fresh red sauce is "fancy chef shit" is not the country my grandma grew up in, and frankly, is probably not a country where you can get a decent plate of spaghetti.

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